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Boom Festival Logo case

Boom Festival is being held for the first time in 2008, Portugal. It is a complex event where a lot of performances meet. Watch this movie to meet the idea .. … and then watch the logo case, so that you can understand the idea of the symbol these guys came with :)  I think the approach was great, but the final product could be better. For example – the logo will be used in a lot of mediums, so it…
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Making a font out of the ORACLE logo

Designers sometimes do crazy stuff like making a font out of a single word or phrase. Of course, these should be written in a specific way. The following font design is created based on the logotype of Oracle Corporations – an American multinational computer technology corporation. “Oracle” specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. Credits…
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Swisscom awesome rebrand movie

I hope this movie will inspire you. Here’s what the guys from moving brands say about the project: Swisscom, one of the leading brands and a market leader in Switzerland (with more than 60% average share of market), is perceived as one of the most trusted brands by Swiss people. The Swisscom re-brand is the final step to a major restructuring of the whole Swisscom organisation which will…
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White Rhino Productions ( logo case )

You should check this post in order to understand the approach and the act of creating logos. The following logo case is done by Von Glitschka. Enjoy! “Logo design is fun for me. I guess the main reason is because it’s a good mix of design, illustration and investigation. I have to look into a graphic problem and discover a working solution for it. That challenge intrigues me and I enjoy the…
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Financial Company Logo Case

In this company logo case I’m showing the research I did before creating a logo for a finance consulting company called “Trading Finance”. The client wanted a handshake symbol for a logo design. Our creative studio offered him three separate variations in different colors: Versions 1 & 2 are clear hands icons forming an arrow going up as a symbol of growth and prosperity. Version 3 ( the chosen…
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