Our funniest logo design picks


Just spotted this on Facebook and tried to find more interpretations   Some bonus flags: flickr : mattoconnell flickr: robertogreco    flickr: kylelane66   Btw – you can read a good California flag history blog post here:
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A Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones Beer Logos

RedBubble seller  satansbrand  mashed up the names of the houses from the popular A Song of Fire and Ice fantasy saga with the logos of existing famous beer brands. The graphics are available as T-shirts, hoodies and stickers. The houses are easy to recognize due to the writing, but can you guess all beer brands?        Answer to the beer logo quiz: Winterfell / Heineken…
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Viktor Hertz’s song logos

I’ve just discovered these… May be you’ll recognize some of the songs! well, yes – they are more like pictograms, but still – most of them could be logos 8) Hope you’ll like them and make sure you check Victor’s profile in flickr  !
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Shadow logos

This TRUST sculpture by Tobias Rehberger reminded me to look for some more shadow logotypes and marks. This trend is very popular last few years and it will become even more popular thanks to the new technologies. Here’s my selection:         Bonus – some other shape designs Sources:…
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