Our funniest logo design picks

Suntan logos

Sun tan logos are great to experiment if your design is simple-shaped … Tan tattoos give wearers a memory of their summer holiday and turn the imperfection of tan lines into a sweet message of love. You can buy these on  or just try to make your own sun tan logos / tattoos :)
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Product placement – find the logos

The image above is a contest proposal for a magazine cover of Signcafe ( Bulgarian mag for advertising ). The theme of this specific issue was “Product placement”. My question is : how many logos do you recognize in inside ? :) The author is Nikola Arnaudov  ( facebook prifile link ).
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Atari Logo Wallet

At first sight – just a nice wallet… But it’s actually using the logo of atari in a very interesting way! We’ll probably see more and more of this stuff in the future – incorporating the logos of the big brands in a new more clever way into the designs. Inside look – just in case you want to buy it from here for £20:)
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63 Parody BP Logos

We all know what British Petrolium ( BP ) had caused to the environment … , so here the response of the people trough the eyes of the logo designers all around the world : Also can use film covers, that people are familiar with, to express those opinion, in this case, it’s shown the precise field where they cause damage. Funny results… but huge message!
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54 Puma Parody Logos

Nowadays there is a trend to use famous brands and print t-shirt designs which making fun of the brands. These are parody logos often not assigned to a genuine brand. In this post I will show you tens of parody variations of the Puma brand. Each of these images are created similar to the official Puma logo on purpose – to make fun of it, and even profit from the distracted customers who want to…
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