Collection of brand books and guidelines of the biggest brands

Symantec logo guidelines 2000 [PDF]

This symantec brand guidelines  is more about the logo itself. The documents is from 2000, but still – it looks like designed yesterday. I think it’s unuasual that the guideline covers more the logic of designing the symbol / logo, than the usage itself. This is an interesting approach. The PDF is not big – just 20 pages, 245 KB, but it must be seen.  Here we meet again the polite and intelligent…
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AT&T logo guidelines [PDF]

A clean and ordered logo guidelines about the previous AT&T mark. Old, but gold ! I like the way things are presented – pages are not empty, but not too crowded with schemes – you can easily absorb the information.  Also simple explanations are given, so that a non-designer should work in a correct manner with the logo.  Just click on the picture to open the PDF in a new window.
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Skoda brandbook

Here you can download a superb Skoda logoguideline. Why it is superb ? Because it’s very proffesionally done . Clear and easy to understand. Covers a lot of points and its 73 pages are compressed under 2 MB ! Hope you’ll like it :)  shkoda-brand-guideline [ PDF ] 1.79 MB btw – write in the comments what logoguidelines you will be interested in and I’ll try to find them for you :)
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Tetrapak logo guidelines – PDF

What I like in this logo guideline of Tetrapak company is the manner things are presented. Take for example the free zone distance – it’s not presented by “x” or some lacking individuality symbol, but with the “T” from the word mark. The contents consist of: 5 One logotype – three fixed combinations 8 Colours 10 Typography 12 Trademarks 14 Correspondence Communication structure 21 Our message…
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Ericsson logo / brand guidelines

Download a pdf file of 12 pages with the ericsson logo/brand guidelines . Logo guidelines are provided by the marketing or the design department. Their purpose is to mark the guides of the logo/brand usage in advertising materials and every other stuff where the logo of the company may appear. Logo guidelines are usually a few pages and are very useful when prepared for small companies. What you…
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