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Obama logo design – Sol Sender [oo]

Briefly: Sol get the assignment to design the political logo of the Obama’s campaign. This is late 2006.  He and the small team from MODE ( first 5, than reduced to 3 incl. him ) should deliver unique logo for this unique candidate. Now when Sol is already part of the ” VSA partners” ( some interesting brand case studies , by the way ), he talks about the process in two movies – 8and 5 min. If…
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who read in 2008 [stats]

Some figures from the kitchen :) I guess it will be interesting to understand how many people read such blogs.. and which are the countries where people are interested in logo design… Google analytics counted 147,998 visits from 189 countries/territories. Here are some detailed statistics : Most interesting was the USA political election logos 2008 – 1960 post. That explains why so many…
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Logos from the BG Design Biennial

The following logos were exhibit during the Bulgarian Design Biennial in Sofia, Octomber, 2008. All of them are from bulgarian designers. All of the pictures are shot with photocamera and then I’ve tried to clean the background and the reflections as far as I could. If you like a certain logo – you can read a few words about some of the symbols at the end of this post. # 2 – client – space…
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