Logo sets

Collection of logo sets of famous brands and topics

World of Logotypes book – 70’s book scans – 120 pages

Here come the teasers: Scans from a logotypes book – 120 pages of a-z logotype sets included in this PDF file . 23.6 MB Enjoy ! Credits go to : mr_carl Mirrors for the PDF file: Mirror 1 ( 2 shared.com ) – go down right and click the small link “click here” pls, do not link straight from your blog to the PDF files, since I may change the URL of the file for some reason and the link will…
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Canadian logo set / 53 Canadian logos

1 – Environmental choice 7 – The finance and leasing professionals in Canada 10 – Canadian foundation for climate and atmospheric science ( CFCAS ) 15 – main Americas logo All logos from this logo set are based on the maple leaf – the official symbol of Canada, represented on the country’s flag as well: This flag is a result of a big flag debate  which took place in 1964 when a new design for the…
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44 RECYCLE logos and symbols

The following text is from the PDF above: _ The PITCH-IN symbol This symbol of a stylized person cleaning up the environment was adopted in 1976. This is stated on the website of PITCH-IN Canada ( www.pitch-in.ca ) – associated Clean World  International. PITCH-IN Canada is a non-profit organization with worldwide membership. Unlike the other recycling symbols, this symbol is not primarily used to…
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15 famous arrowlike logos

In my opinion these logos got arrows inside them or are at least arrow-shaped. Some may be called chevrons or something else, but still – these are arrowlike logos. This selection is made just for fun. I actually wanted to check how many famous logos include or resemble arrows I can find. “Kinko’s” was one of the logos I added at the last moment. The truth is that the arrow symbols were well…
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New Xerox logo theory

OK, Xerox got a new logo. That’s right. Why? Here’s the new logo theory of  businessweek  : ** Making the Brand More Approachable** Designed in the 1960s by branding firm, Chermayeff & Geismar, the familiar block-capital-letter XEROX wordmark, most often seen around the world in red, did not lend itself to the three-dimensional world of Internet and mobile-phone marketing canvases. The new logo…
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Olympic Games logo set

The noise about London 2012 Olympic Games logo inspired me to check what kind of logos were made during the years. This is a selection of my favorite Olympic games logos – share yours if you want. Two of them are for applicant and candidate cities – Madrid 2016 and Paris 2012 – but somehow I like them that’s why they are here. I find the first logo very stylish and clean. The “smiling boy” of…
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