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After the Crisis logo collection [ext. ver.] [FUN]

“The 2008 crash is probably the most serious economic crisis we have faced after the Great Depression. Stock markets from around the world fell as much as 20% in a single week, dozens of banks either failed or were rescued by government and private instutitions, and companies started laying off employees as a consequence of the reduced demand. We know how we entered into the crisis, but we don’t…
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Logo as an interesting advertising game ?

Here I’ll share a way to intrigue your potential clients by just playing with your logo.  This game is a proof that a well designed logo could be a great marketing tool and an advertising inspiration for years… Bobby told it very well: “Uniqlo has a rad new interactive game which lets you play and experience the grid system that they use. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first ( probably…
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Brands 2.0 fun

The 2.0 mania is all around. This is a remix video, showing some famous brands as if they were created nowadays. Bright gradients and shiny button-styled elements are fashionable. Also round and chubby shapes are preferred. Don’t forget the 45 degree lines ;) I guarantee you, you will be unique! LOL. PS: check this flickr set for if you want a certain logo from the movie
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