10 cool vintage beer logos and can designs

Beer book The Lion Brewery Inc 1930s 1940s beer logo

1 – The Lion Brewery Inc 1930s-1940s. May be we can define “Gibbons” as a good example of true oldschool American logotype. The colors are great, too.

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Beer book M K Goetz Brewing Co 1940s 1950s beer logo

2 – MK Goetz Brewing Co 1940s-1950s. The Goetz logotype is really inspiring.

Beer book Esslingers Inc Brewery 1940s 1950s beer logo

3 – Esslingers Inc Brewery 1940s-1950s.  Cool character and also pay attention to the “drunk”  Ess in the logotype. Sweet.

Beer book Acme Brewing Company 1950s beer logo

4 – Acme Brewing Company 1950s. Interesting type, right ? It’s weird that the words are not parallel.

Beer book Red Top Bewing Co 1950s beer logo

5 – Red Top Bewing Co 1950s. Great color combination. I’m sure this design would sell even nowadays. I like the curly bottom of the “2”.

Beer book Maier Bewing Co 1950s beer logo

6 – Maier Bewing Co 1950s. I can’t stop associating this with the Billabong designs for some reason :)

Beer book Reading Brewing Co 1970s beer logo

7 – Reading Brewing Co 1970s. May be Heineken took the idea of the smiled “e” from here. Who knows .. :)

Beer book Duquesne Bewing Company 1970s 1980s beer logo

8 – Duquesne Brewing Company 1970s-1980s. It’s a small charming Beer down there…

Beer book Falstaff Brewing Co 1980s beer logo

9 – Falstaff Brewing Co 1980s. CLEEAN.

Beer book Genesee Bewing Co Inc 1980s 1990s beer logo

10 – Genesee Bewing Co Inc 1980s-1990s .More like a cheese logo for me, but it’s a fun design concept.

Via: dwell.com

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