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The PITCH-IN symbol

This symbol of a stylized person cleaning up the environment was adopted in 1976. This is stated on the website of PITCH-IN Canada (www.pitch-in.ca) – associated Clean World  International. PITCH-IN Canada is a non-profit organization with worldwide membership. Unlike the other recycling symbols, this symbol is not primarily used to identify materials for separation (though a variant of this design occurs as part of the glass-recycling symbol). Instead, it is commonly known and widely used in the context of public education and outreach for anti-littering efforts (with or without a recycling component). The use of this symbol is not limited to one country and therefore is a good candidate for inclusion in an international standard.

The Green Dot

green dot

The Green Dot is a symbol first introduced in 1994 by Duales System Deutschland. They implemented a novel financing system for recovering packaging by licensing the green dot to its manufacturers and setting up a system to collect used packaging bearing this symbol from the end-user. Since 1994 this system has been adopted in eleven European countries altogether (see greendot.ie). The widespread and transnational use of this symbol would appear to make it a good candidate for encoding in an international standard. However, the use of this symbol requires licensing contract between manufacturer and a partner company in the PRO-Europe association. This means the green dot could not be considered for encoding without a request from the trademark owners. In this regard it is different from the other recycling symbols.

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