Canadian logo set / 53 Canadian logos

canadian designs logo set
Canadian logo set 01

1 – Environmental choice

7 – The finance and leasing professionals in Canada

10 – Canadian foundation for climate and atmospheric science ( CFCAS )

15 – main Americas logo

All logos from this logo set are based on the maple leaf – the official symbol of Canada, represented on the country’s flag as well:

flag design of canada

This flag is a result of a big flag debate which took place in 1964 when a new design for the national flag was chosen. It is designed by George Stanley. Read here more about the flag and the leaf.

The Canada wordmark is mandatory on virtually all of the applications mentioned above. Established in 1980, the Canada wordmark is essentially a logo for the government of Canada. It consists of the word “Canada” written in a serif font, a modified version of Baskerville, with a Canadian flag over the final ‘a’. In a 1999 study, commissioned by the federal government, 77% of respondents remembered seeing the Canada wordmark at some point in the past. Due to the logo’s simplicity and pervasiveness as an identifier, it is likely more had seen it and forgotten. Television viewers may be familiar with the logo from seeing it in the credits of Canadian television programs. Read more in Wiki.

canadian wordmark

Here are some more interpretations of the Canadian symbol:

canadian designs logo set
Canadian logo set 02

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