Learn about most famous logo copycats

Some thoughts on the Wikileaks logo design

* New information commented in late 2012 at the end of the post During another brand research I’ve stumbled across this interesting ad from 1963 and remembered the WikiLeaks logo. All the thoughts bellow are pure speculation and are based on indirect graphical evidences. Is this Wikileaks logo a rip-off ? Although they are too similar, I’m sure it’s not on purpose and the second logo is just the…
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Starbucks Logo Mania

In this post I am going to present you the history and variations of the Starbucks logo. This includes formation of the genuine design and groups of logo designs as part of the Starbucks logo mania. I have compiled several publications on this topic and I have also included some of my own observations. Hope you enjoy it! The first logo of Starbucks resembled a “cigar band” (#2) with a Melusine (#…
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