Airline Companies Logo Set

airline companies logo set

I’m graduating this year. Hopefully. My graduation work is about airlines. During my research I have seen and collected many airline companies logo sets. You can see a large collection of airline companies logos here – – I hope that will save you time in your work.

Most of them I didn’t like. They are not clear as symbols, and fonts are inappropriate for the task (to be seen from distance). I have noticed that in some cases redesigned logos are not better than the old ones. Such an example is the new logo of Northwest Airlines, which in my opinion is worse than the old one shown above (number 6). The old one has a better concept and look.

Don’t forget that it is one case if you are working on a logo for a full service carrier. It is a completely different situation if you work for a low company. National carriers are a different topic as well. The common in all cases is that the logo should be perceived easily from distance. And, of course, to look nice on an airplane.

There is a very interesting and useful book about logo sets. It’s called ‘Logo Design’ – by Julius Wiedemann (Taschen) and in it you can read the story about the creation of Siberia Airlines Logo (number 13 above called “S7 Airlines”). It can be helpful to read about it in the book or somewhere else. The logo’s author is Peter Knapp who’s working for Landor (

Hope you now have some inspiration to create your desired logo design!