Consulting companies logo set

  1. Willis is a wonderful example of how typos can be used in a clean and stylish manner.
  2. Bain & Company is here because of the circle and the pointer. What does it mean? I guess the weak point in the company that is their customer. Simple, but it says what’s needed.
  3. Not an ordinary logo, but still business-y enough. Team play is a winner. Also nice lines.
  4. Goodman deserve a good logo. Someone delivered it to them :) Nice shot!
  5. The tribal is a good decision. Stable enough and not too abstract. Also a nice symbol to decorate the other brand materials with.
  6. It’s a strange logo, but maybe we can also call it “brave”. The website of Towrylaw company is also pleasant.
  7. An interesting symbol.
  8. Great type usage. I like also the “>” and the lack of capital letters.
  9. JS&P is a classic one. I found it while I was searching for “Towrylaw”. Maybe they united or something, but I’m not quite sure that the company still exist.
  10. It’s a logo from a logo competition. I’m not sure if it won, but it deserves admiration. Modern enough.

Some sources of my logo research for this logo set selection:

If you know some of the authors who designed the logos above, please put their names/studios in the comment section below.

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