Ericsson logo / brand guidelines

Ericsson logo guides

pdf.gif Download a pdf file of 12 pages with the ericsson logo/brand guidelines .

Logo guidelines are provided by the marketing or the design department. Their purpose is to mark the guides of the logo/brand usage in advertising materials and every other stuff where the logo of the company may appear. Logo guidelines are usually a few pages and are very useful when prepared for small companies. What you see here is a short version of the full logo guide. This PDF is made for partners. Usually big corporations do have one big logo-brand guide, called “Brand book”. It’s like this PDF, but you can find there much more detailed information along with some marks, concerning the design and the creation of the symbol/logo itself.

Everytime you design a logo you should try to convince the clients they need guidelines for the usage and it will pay them back if they invest in hiring you for a few more hours – the time needed for preparing decent logo rules and usage cases.