Example logoblink companies logo set


First write some common words why you present exactly this set. In my case I should make an example set, so I’m using the logo of the site itself.

I like #1 and #2 because they are close enough to the theme. In logo 1# we may recognize the letter”L” – that’s why I’ve put it on the first place.

3 – dynamic enough

4 – similar theme, but different meaning

5 – again nice playing with this type of modules

6 – inspired by #1, but rotated in order not to be a 100% twin

8 – nice element usage, but it’s representing a theme far explored

16 – it’s quite the same as #1 , but I’ve checked and it appeared to be designed 10 years later than the original ( 1 )

/* all comments under the SET picture are optional , but it’s nice to argue for the arrangement of your own set, isn’t it? For more info on how to post and organize a set click here. You can also download editable PSD layout of the set ( should edit only the title notice on the left ) or an empty GIF one. */