Financial Company Logo Case

company logo case hand designs

In this company logo case I’m showing the research I did before creating a logo for a finance consulting company called “Trading Finance”. The client wanted a handshake symbol for a logo design. Our creative studio offered him three separate variations in different colors:

Versions 1 & 2 are clear hands icons forming an arrow going up as a symbol of growth and prosperity. Version 3 ( the chosen one) is a stylized angular shape showing in an abstract way the act of handshake. It is serious and businesslike, perfect for the company’s needs.

Hands are a very used symbol in logo design. The set of company logo cases above shows it. It was interesting to find out that Hyundai logo symbolizes two people shaking their hands, however using a very stylized design. You can read more about it here. Hope this post helps you in your work. :)