Yes, there’s always an easier way.

I bet there are a few symbols in your graphic library, which you use very often. Tribals, flags, figures, birds, pictos, etc… What about if you don’t have to import them every time, but instead – they are one key press away ? The following logo dingbat font collection will make this happen.

logo dingbats

visit to download all these and many more logo fonts / dingbats. Have in mind that the quality of the vectorized images is not perfect, but just decent and useful.

Margarit Ralev created in 2007, as a 100% logo design blog.
He started his career as s freelance web designer in 2001. design portfolio was created in 2004. In 2006 he registered “ Ltd.”, a company providing all sorts of advertising and graphic design services. Since 2008, the company focused on brand identity design and brand consulting.

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