George Sampson Logo (Open Competition)

George is a dance kid with his own career, fans and merchandise. That’s why his brand needs a decent logo :) Read what’s written on his website:

“This time around, I’m asking you all to try your hand at designing my official logo which will be used on my websites, posters and my Music DVD cover!! pick one winning design myself and my team will help it be developed into the logo that you will all see everywhere AND I’ll be meeting up with the winner to present them with the amazing prize of an Apple Mac Book with Adobe Photoshop (and a poster of the winning design -signed by me!)

It’s really simple to enter, just click here and fill in fill in the entry form and upload your designs. I can’t wait to see your entries… Thanks to everyone for all your messages on all the sites including Bebo and My Space – I do read them all and you are all great Lots of love G xxx”

Hey, drop a line to show off if you win the MAC :)