How a logo designer looks like

mikey burton

 – the favicon in his portfolio

  • Smiled
  • With beard
  • Dark haired ( non Brad Pitt type of guy )
  • Positive
  • Talanted
  • Modest
  • Somehow trustworthy

Meet Mikey Burton.

Don’t know where to start from, but as every good story – this starts from one place and ends to completely other. I was looking at some cool Doughnut logo in some post in twitter ( posted bellow ). Then I stuck in this flickr stream ( link at the end ). After that I’ve realized it’s actually a pretty decent Thursday logo story. Short, but full with newly uploaded in the web pics. And after that I’ve noticed this positive, cool guy. His name is Mikey Burton. Most of the pictures bellow are from his logo workshop. Don’t know him personally, but he has a cool portfolio and really fits in my personal stereotype of a “logo designer”. Although he defines himself as an illustrator. But illustrators don’t do logo workshops, right ;)

Anyway – here’s his twitter description:


Designy Illustrator, Letterpress Enthusiast & Beard Artisan. I’m six feet tall and maintain a very consistent panda bear shape


doughnut festival logo design

That’s the doughnut logo that grabbed my attention. Sorry, but I don’t know who’s the author. Bravo for the result. I’m sure it will be featured in Los Logos 12 or something.

doughnut festival logo design concept2

Some sketches. Always useful, you know.

doughnut festival logo design concept

Some more WIP.

mikey burton logo workshop 01

The one on the left ?

mikey burton logo workshop 02

Thumbs up for New Orleans

mikey burton logo workshop 03

Yes, there’s a korean bbq festival in LA :)

mikey burton logo workshop 04

Cute. I love black and white.

mikey burton logo workshop 05

Some other sandwich logo from the workshop.

mikey burton logo workshop 06

Well, that’s something – logo design is not just for boys!

mikey burton logo workshop 07

It’s always hard to tell somebody something could be improved without any offense…

mikey burton logo workshop 08

This could be the guy with the doughnut logo… 8-)

mikey burton facebook archive

That’s from Mikey’s facebook page archive. Don’t know the guys, but it looks like a normal design meeting or something.

**Few questions **

Do you think wearing beard is part of showing the world – we can look cool even not so perfect.

Do you think wearing beard is a sign of huge vanity ?

Are you a designer with beard ? ( Please, do not answer if you are a female designer )

mikey burton logo portfolio

Some things from Mr. Burton’s portfolio.

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