Jazz Up Your Website!

ideas about your site

You’ve found the best web host, incorporated sound web design principles, and it’s fully functional. Your links click through, visitors can read the type, and the tabs are easy to find. It presents your message.

But it’s boring, you say? Well, jazz it up!

  • A blog is one of the best ways to get people to your site. Readers love to read opinions about events. Interviews make great blog posts. How-to articles are guaranteed to get readers.
  • Add social media icons. Let your visitors tweet, like, digg, and otherwise share what they enjoyed and found thought-provoking .
  • Use photos and graphics. Images stick in a visitor’s mind long after the words are forgotten. Break up your blog post with royalty-free images, available at little to no cost on many sites.
  • Audio is a great way to attract repeat visitors. Offer an interview with an expert, a satisfied customer, or an innovator in your field. Practical advice attracts visitors and leads to word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Video is the easiest media to digest and can quickly turn viral. (The best web host is one that offers tutorials on how to embed video or audio into a blog or web page, as well as help with the technical aspects of having a website.)
  • Offer a freebie. Information downloads are the most effective means of getting visitors to sign up for your email list. Have you solved a problem? Have you discovered a better way to market? Pass it on in a five or ten page report. Make it informative and useful. Fluff just irritates potential repeat visitors, so make it worthwhile. If you don’t want to write it yourself, hire a web writer. Rates on Elance or Odesk are very reasonable.
  • A comment form is another way to get visitors to tell you what they are thinking. Letting a reader express an opinion about your blog post helps develop a sense of community, a great way to get repeat visitors.