Kopimi Logo – get involved

Kopimi ( Copy me ) is a kind of new author license.  As you can presume, the idea is to make all the content of the specific author free for copying.  You can see the Kopimi logo in action at the end of the PirateBay.org website.

I’m making this post for 3 reasons :

1 – to present you the new logo, you gonna see more and more

2 – to present my interpretation of the logo ( providing an EPS file to download )

3 – to make you involved, so you can design your own version and this way make the sign more appealing :)


I believe that if a few graphic designers take this symbol and make their own interpretations – the results could be great. This way people who want to use the logo and spread the idea will have more options to pick from.  I invite you to download the logos above and to start experimenting with your own designs.  My idea was to put the “K” of Kopimi in a circle like the “CC”, so that users who are not familiar with the idea could understand that it’s about some kind of creative license :) Also I’ve vectorized it for your convenience.  Click on the image below to download 1 MB EPS file. You can show your versions of the logo in the comment box.