You can order a logo design as a barter now…

design barter network logo design
DesBar logo design

…or at least you can request one :)

Barter design is something that will become trendy, it just needs some time. What does barter design actually mean?

An example – you are some kind of entrepreneur and you need a logo design for your organization. Nothing special really, you don’t want to spend an amount of money. However, you still want/need a designers’ touch – something unique a specialist has worked on for a couple of hours at least. What do you need to do ?

  1. Get in
  2. Register
  3. Join the proper group where you can write about what you need and what you are ready to give back :)

Simple as 1-2-3 :)

design barter network logo design
DesBar website

What if I’m in a hurry ?

To be honest – nobody knows how long this process can take. After all, it’s a non-paid service and I guess everything depends on the barter you are suggesting. Besides – you can always hire a logo designer to do your logo in a deadline.

What if I’m not satisfied with the design?

You can always cancel the barter – it’s like every other order. To avoid that – write proper briefs and you will get the maximum of the barter deal.

I have a lot more questions…

Well, don’t waste your time – go and check for yourself if this barter thing will work for you as a client or as a designer.