Logo Ligatures Tips & Tricks

The Before & After magazine says:

“Companies of every kind sign their names with linked letters called ligatures. Ligature means to tie. Ligatures make excellent business signatures. They’re handsome, simple and compact. And they’re fun, too—we all have initials! Some letters link in one typeface but not another. Others link in lowercase but not in upper. What follows are a variety of ways to get your letter pairs beautifully together. ” in this pdf article. It will teach you how to design logos of letters.


The BAmag presents different techniques how to link:

  1. Shared strokes
  2. Almost identical strokes
  3. Angled strokes to vertical strokes
  4. Curved to vertical
  5. Uppercase-lowercase
  6. Horizontal crossbars
  7. Mid-letter crossbars
  8. Removing a stroke or part of a stroke