London Olympics 2012 Logo


The debates about the new Olympics logo are pretty interesting. One way or another – they also promote the event itself, so it’s a good thing that they talk about the logo. Every advertisement is advertisement, even the bad one. OK, but who won the contest and designed the logo? The answer is . I think they DO have their own style and approach. You can download the short case study.

My personal oppinion is that it’s so 80’s, but meanwhile – this fashion is back last year. The question is: would it be so fashion again in 2012, when it will be used? May be. May be more than a lot of the rest suggestions. I think its biggest advantage is the USAGE. You can use it everywhere and you can use also separate modules from it. And when we talk about tons of adv. materials – it matters. Nobody is paying attention to the little notice “London”, but it’s an original typo that Wolffalins created. The colors – for some reason this type of pink is the same color as the logo of my small design studio :) so I like it. One should admit the logo also stands very good in B&W. Which is again very important , especially for the print expenses and the usage. Shapes – rapid and bumping shapes are reminding me of the competition on the olympic field, on every track everywhere. When I look and think twice I see some shapes like blazers – which may represent the speed (an essential element in every competition). Every time you are creating a logo – check how it looks when it’s minimized. The large forms of the 2012 logo pass this test, too. It’s readable & recognizable enough.

This paragraph above is written after half an hour of research and it’s not created to defend in any way the creators of the logo. It’s just my answer to all my questions. But still, every time you laugh this logo, have in mind that the guys who created it spent a lot more than 5 minutes, designing it ( if we consider other projects of their portfolio ) and the final product is not just some pink crazy Sh*t ;) . I’ll try to do some more research on the theme soon, but in my point of view this logo is a good choice.

Here are some mocking, but creative videos with the logo.2012 logo – much better moving…

London 2012 Olympic Games Logo Design Bl*wjob!?

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