This is Mini E. Only 500 owners will drive the yellow “E” logo. “E” stands for Electricity. I want to share this logo with you for some reasons: It’s new, it’s witty, it’s a classic styled logo ( 2d, simple primitives, etc.), and it’s great.  The E is “eaten” from a cirle, showing us a “electric plug” – telling the hole story of this mini model in a simple sign. A yellow one. No way to miss it. The most of the logo spots on the car are typical ( the roof – there was the UK flag in the past, the front grille – the usual place for tuning and other modification signs…, the reservoir lid – an ordinary place for stickers… but I bet some of you don’t know why the logo is on the front hood. The yellow NY cabs got this tradition to place their “badges” on the same place. These special badges indicate the status of the cabs. The one with the badges can stop anywhere and pick passangers. Could be wrong, but I think this is part of the story for this branding spot on the Mini :)

Anyway, do you like the logo ?

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