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Logo map - major brands in 2012

Logo map – major brands in 2012

Something interesting that has been going around recently. This 2012 brand logo map design actually can be very informative if read properly. You can easily see the major brands and how their sub-brands are distributed on the market. The image is 2400 px× 1507 px. You may consider downloading it to...
Michelin Logo in vintage posters

Michelin Logo in vintage posters

  It is one of the two largest tire manufacturers in the world along with Bridgestone. French tire company Michelin has been around for a very long time. This is probably why their pudgy white mascot Bibendum is now intrinsically part of cycling graphic design. We are all familiar with...
32 Wine Logos - Wine of the World

32 Wine Logos – Wine of the World

   Who appreciates a glass of good wine here ? :) What about good graphic design?  In this post about wine logos we have combines these two passions of ours. Here you can see 32 conceptual logos of wines from all over the world are presented… Enjoy it!    ...
You can order a logo design as a barter now...

You can order a logo design as a barter now…

…or at least you can request one :) Barter design is something that will become trendy, it just needs some time. What does barter design actually mean? An example – you are some kind of entrepreneur and you need a logo design for your organization. Nothing special really, you don’t want to...
Vintage logo designs by Stefan Kanchev : over 160 pages of great designs [PDF]

Vintage logo designs by Stefan Kanchev : over 160 pages of great designs [PDF]

  A lot of things could be said about my favorite logo designer : Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001). The most important thing of all is that he was a great talent. Unfortunately, as many other great artists, he didn’t become world famous because he was working “behind” the Iron Curtain.    ...
McDonald's Logo Mania

McDonald’s Logo Mania

In this post I will meet you with more detail on the creation, different uses, and variations of the McDonald’s golden arches logo. More than 120 logos in this set.
Starbucks Logo Mania

Starbucks Logo Mania

The Starbucks logo evolution, official uses, fakes and copycats. Great logo set with more than 80 examples.
Arabic logo set + useful sources

Arabic logo set + useful sources

I’ve realized that I don’t pay enough attention to the Arabic logos. That’s the reason for writing this post. Here I’ve picked 16 nice samples. Hope you will like them. 1. Yin Yang logo by prof. John Langdon 2. Equestrian city logo (arabic zoomorphic calligraphy) 3. Quarterly Periodical of the...
Explaining the web 2.0 logos

Explaining the web 2.0 logos

      … The question: Trend, disease, necessity or evolution ? Although this ridiculous Apple logo design from 1976 looks like an 1876 emblem, this picture represents the evolution of logos very well. Apple is a technology company and can afford to redesign its symbol in any moment. However, companies...
44 RECYCLE logos and symbols

44 RECYCLE logos and symbols

The following text is from the PDF above: _ The PITCH-IN symbol This symbol of a stylized person cleaning up the environment was adopted in 1976. This is stated on the website of PITCH-IN Canada (www.pitch-in.ca) – associated Clean World  International. PITCH-IN Canada is a non-profit organization with worldwide membership....
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Paul Rand / few wise words & motion logos

Actually this 3 minute movie can give you a lot of useful advises for logo design.  A lot :)

Usefull logo dingbat fonts for FREE

Yes, there’s always an easier way. I bet there are a few symbols in your graphic library, which you use very often. Tribals, flags, figures, birds, pictos, etc… What about if you don’t have to import them every time, but instead – they are one key press away ? The following logo dingbat font collection...
Vauxhall new logo (2008)

Vauxhall new logo (2008)

  In order to understand better the new 2008 Vauxhall logo you should check the design of the latest generation cars by the company. Such one is the design of the Insignia model bellow:   In my opinion the previous version of the logo (the red one from 2003 ) is better designed, but obviously...

Top Symbols and Trademarks of the World – [ PDF ] 2 books

Here comes 2 great PDF books : Top Symbols and Trademarks of the World – volume 1 ( 130 pages – 520 logos – 8 MB ) Top Symbols and Trademarks of the World – volume 2 ( 155 pages – 600 logos – 17.5 MB ) — “Top Symbols And Trademarks Of The World”...

Chat programs logos

The new Logoblink poll inspired me to search for logos of instant messengers and chat applications (as many as I could find). Here they are – bright, shiny & smiling. I am sure that there are more examples and I’ll be glad if you share them here :)

top 25 band logos

Ramones are # 25, Prince like every prince is # 1. These are the top 25 logos according spinner.com . Read more to learn who designed every each one of them. This post is here not because I agree with the rank and the arrangement, but because I’m doing my own set now and it...

Logo contest set – Kufstein, Tyrol Austria

Open Design project of a new logo for the University of applied sciences Kufstein, Tyrol Austria. For details refer to the project homepage fh.vo-agentur.de or see all the result on flick