A new free tool for your logotypes

pilot handwritten logotype

[Update 2019] Service is no longer available.

Actually it’s a new free tool for custom fonts, but it also looks an easy alternative tool to make a great logotype. Watch the movie or just go and experiment. I don’t have a printer around me so I’ll try it next few days.

How it works ?

  • 20 sec registration.
  • print the layout
  • take a snapshot of the already filled layout and start mastering your typo

Why use it ?

  • If you are a professional brand design – this could be some fun
  • If you are non-professional : you can make something that will add value to your brand. Every brand that has a logotype, written by the owner is a better brand in some charming way. Bad news is that your logotype will be appreciated just after 30-40 years, but still – you can try :)

Feel free to showcase your experiments in the comments bellow.