This post is about the new Pepsi “smile”. They say they’ll invest 1 billion USD for rebranding. Let’s take a closer look.

The new Pepsi logo was launched a few months ago and since then I’ve heard and read a lot of different opinions about the quality of the new mark.  As every redesign, most people doesn’t accept it at first and even deny it. But actually this new logo is a great move. I think is genius step forward. Pay attention, I’m talking about the logo here, not about the brand, Seth is singing different song. So, they bring the wave some spirit. It’s not so boring as it was. The white line is full with live and is ready to dance on the advertising stage. The beauty of such a design concept is that you could transform it and use it in many ways. By just changing the width and the angle of the curve – different meanings and messages appear.  Pepsi has always tried to be on the edge of the fashion. And in this moment – it succeeded in one direction. This “dynamic” logos will be seen more and more. Symbols that have a “base model”, but could be changed for the purpose of different needs and yet, conveying the main message.  We should mention here the Tate logo as an interesting earlier example.

pepsi different logos

Check also these Pepsi videos with the new logo :

A little speculation… if you allow me :  I presume that when the new logo was designed, they proposed a couple of versions – with different apertures of the line. And at some point somebody got the idea, that they actually can use them all :) As in the Indiana Johnes movie – when the director combined the two melodies, they’ve already composed and so a great adventure hymn was created … but this is another story. Let’s go back to the logo.

There’s no surprise that Pepsi bet on the mark ( sphere ) more than the logotype. As they do from Nike and Apple for some time now … That’s why we gonna see the new logo in the center of our attention in the new labels. Clear background – no flowers, no trendy circles.. just the new logo. Get used to it :)

pepsi21, mtn dew, new logo, 2009

The many spoofs that will follow will just make the symbol more stronger. And we will be witnesses  of the same London Olympics’ phenomenon – they will talk and they will advertise it. For free. Spreading the new sign here and there. That’s just the way it is – the new shape is great to experiment with:

pepsi logo spoof vodka

pepsi logo inspiration




Check also the positive thinking of David Armano and why should Pepsi continue changing so often. I agree with him. Some other materials and speculations here:


Where the “Wave” in the modern versions of the logo comes from.

small interesting pepsi logo observation

the old logo curve is preserved in the “e” from the new logotype

pepsi logotype originates from the 80's

Black is the new black. Rounded typefaces, too.

pepsi logo similar to other identities

Pepsi and other shapes. I think, someone missed yin-yang… the roots themselves.

And as a reward for being so interested in the curious case of Benjamin Pepsi… here comes the really spicy pdf, where you can see the design strategy of Arnell. 6 MB, 27 pages. Recomended only for hardcore logo designers! Feel free to comment below.

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