It’s colorful, it’s extravagant.. and it’s not the typical Euro Championship logo, but with the right presentation everything’s fine.

Actually the video is made back in 2009, but it’s a really good example of how a brand design should be approached and presented. If the London 2012 Olympics logo had the same presentation – I bet more people would be happy with the design. Anyway – this post is about the Euro 2012 football games, so I’ll provide some more images related to the topic:


uefa cup 2012 brand design

The logo looks good on B&W backgrounds which is very important.


uefa cup 2012 color brand design

 As you can see, a combination of the logo design on a color background is not a problem for the eye, too.


We have to admit – all the graphics are approached very professionally and are excellent examples for good branding.

uefa cup 2012 brand design


Some materials from the current website of the event:

uefa cup 2012 web design


And this is the background file itself.

uefa cup 2012 floral design


The pattern used alone.

uefa cup 2012 floral background


Some banner designs with the floral elements.

uefa cup 2012 banner design

A horizontal extended “uefa” version

uefa cup 2012 banner design


And some hand-picked moments from the video :

Happy football watching!


Some source:


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