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Prezi with a new logo

You probably know the best online software for presentations out there – PREZI. Recently they have changed their brand identity.  It’s now more “blueish” and more cold-corporate. The logotype is more conventional. Personally I like the funny two-way-“r”. The “e” is the already popular “smiled-haineken E”  In case you wonder where the mark comes from and why it’s so detailed for a logo – it’s…
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Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine brand design

It’s colorful, it’s extravagant.. and it’s not the typical Euro Championship logo, but with the right presentation everything’s fine. Actually the video is made back in 2009, but it’s a really good example of how a brand design should be approached and presented. If the London 2012 Olympics logo had the same presentation – I bet more people would be happy with the design. Anyway – this post is…
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Sunflower logo set + inspiration set

Sunflowers sell well. Very well. I was working as a poster seller a few years back and “the sunflower theme” was a bestseller. If you want to make some money – just start drawing sunflowers here and there and then sell the drawings. :) Now, a few words about the logo set you can see above. The one of BP (British Petroleum) is maybe the most famous interpretation of a sunflower. You should pay…
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