Sunflower logo set + inspiration set

sunflower logo set
sunflower themed logos

Sunflowers sell well. Very well. I was working as a poster seller a few years back and “the sunflower theme” was a bestseller. If you want to make some money – just start drawing sunflowers here and there and then sell the drawings. :)

Now, a few words about the logo set you can see above. The one of BP (British Petroleum) is maybe the most famous interpretation of a sunflower. You should pay attention that the green color is dominating and yet, it’s a sunflower. Most recognizable colors for sunflower logos are probably – yellow, black, orange, red, green, and brown. Shapes on the other hand, might be very different. You can check for yourself by looking at the inspiration set bellow.

sunflower inspiration set
sunflower representations

The research for this post is done primary within Google and Flickr. If you want to make you own sunflower logo set or inspiration visualizations and help the others to get more easily into the topic, feel free to do it. You can post your stuff in the comments box below.