Logo design prices / salaries

Here are some interesting statistics about the design salaries in USA and around the world.  If you are a client – these graphics can show you where to order you logo design. If you are a logo designer – you can compare figures with your international colleagues. If necessary – rise the price of your logo design services :)

First we’ll take a look at the North America’s salaries ( click on the image to enlarge ). No surprises – the California designers are one of the best in the world and they charge properly.


Let’s see what’s the international picture ( click on the image to enlarge ). The best salaries are in Hong Kong. I have to admit,that I didn’t know that fact. Next is Australia. Another surprise for me. May be they are a closed market and they can afford to pump up the prices or something. If someone knows for sure – let us explain. 3-rd place is for Taiwan and USA. Other nice places for the designers are Russia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom… and China. It appears that Peoples Replublic of China is a top designer’s spot.


Bulgaria is not in this graphic, but as a local designer I can presume we should be somewhere next to Turkey. I didn’t expect Brazil and Czech Republic to be so low in this chart. Anyway – everybody who don’t like his/her salary should rise the prices instead of complaining. I’ll do so this year. What about you ? Feel free to comment bellow. How much do you charge for a logo ? What do you think is the “fair” price of logotype design ? Are low prices equivalent of low quality ? Should the international freelance logo design society negotiate a recommended prices ? Does 500 USD sounds OK to you ( for a quality product, of course ) ?

  • although the graphics shown here are valid for the common design field ( graphic design, web design, interior design, model design, etc. ), we presume that they are valid also for logo and identity design as a hole, too. Visit Coroflot.com for more statistics.