Search Engine Logo Set

Search Engine Logo Set

We’ve been searching everyday different stuff – pictures, people, news.. even logos :) This set is dedicated to the search engine logos. No, sorry – the Google logo is not in this list. There are enough reasons to reject it, but I’ll tell you the main one – the thing that it’s famous doesn’t make it well-designed and with a nice idea.

1 – is – torrent search. It’s big, different and with cassette – what else do you need for a search engine like this? I like the colors also. It’s a classy one.

2 – Natural Language Search logo – let’s hope they won’t change it.

3 – Inktomi doesn’t exist since 2002, but the logo deserves honour.

4 – is a Amazon search, but the logo is stylish enough. Also got this corporate line..

5 – – a classic search engine logo. Works just fine.

6 – Cheerful enough – the logo is a also classic. Btw – in my observation – google has stolen the site design and the “clean” concept of ( as far as I remember when both of them appear online.. but this is another subject ).

7 – Monster is job search engine.

13 – WiseNut doesn’t exist any more, but the logo is interesting enough to mention.

14 – is a code search engine. Interesting logo design and clean site layout.

A list of all major search engines could be found in Wiki.

If you know some of the names of the people, created the logo-designs above, please – share them with us through the comment form. Thank you.