All you do is type the first thing that comes into your head for each logo (every time you hit “submit,” a new logo comes up). Over time (not a lot of time, in this case, which I’ll get to in a minute), each featured brand has its own tag cloud, representing the collective perception and thoughts of that brand. The more times a word or phrase is typed by people, the bigger it shows up in the tag cloud.

For example here’s how a part of the tag cloud for Facebook looks like:

How will this help your logo design ?

Use the data for your own conclusions about the brand design. Are these shapes successful ? Are these logotypes working ? Are these positive/negative tags result of recent rebranding ? Why they call it “lame” ? Why it’s 90’s ? Etc.
You can make a lot of conclusions – the brand tags are an infinite tool. If you are very lazy and you don’t want to think – you can at least check the tags about your favourite brands and see how people reacted. In our design work it’s always better to double checked the top logo references and their impact…

go check :

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PS: Don’t forget to check the logo polls since 2007 .

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