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Russian Standard Vodka logo dress

Usually they print logos on fabric, but that’s not the case in this Russian Standard Vodka campaign. Don’t know if this is an international concept, but it’s the first time I see it. Spotted on a Sofia Design Week party ( Bulgaria ).
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Salla White logo by Jordan Jelev

Although it’s not my favorite style ( because it’s too illustrative ) – the logo of this wine label is damn good and deserves recognition, isn’t it ? :) Salla White by the Labelmaker Graphic design & Illustration – the Labelmaker Photo – Jordan Jelev Print – Rotoprint 2012, Bulgaria
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Product placement – find the logos

The image above is a contest proposal for a magazine cover of Signcafe ( Bulgarian mag for advertising ). The theme of this specific issue was “Product placement”. My question is : how many logos do you recognize in inside ? :) The author is Nikola Arnaudov ( facebook prifile link ).
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