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Making a font out of the ORACLE logo

Designers sometimes do crazy stuff like making a font out of a single word or phrase. Of course, these should be written in a specific way. The following font design is created based on the logotype of Oracle Corporations – an American multinational computer technology corporation. “Oracle” specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.Credits…
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Making a typeface of the Canon logo

canon brand logotype evolutioncanon typeface making process02a-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpg02b-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpg02c-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpg03-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpg03a-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpgcanon typeface example05-canon-typeface-gio-fuga.jpgcanon typeface writingtypeface source :  Gio FugaStudio sul completamento di un alfabeto basato sul logotipo “Canon”Studenti: Jasmin…
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