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A Few Thoughts On Symmetrical Logos

Niels van Quaquebekeand Steffen Giessner of the Rotterdam School of Management showed logos of 100 Global 500 companies to two groups of participants. One group rated them on attractiveness and symmetry; the other judged whether the logo suggested that the company behaved ethically. The result: Rationally or not, people associate symmetrical logos with more ethical, socially responsible behavior…
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Logo trends ? ( check what people search for )

If you need a logo or you are interested in logos… what are you gonna type in google ?It appears that people type “logo design” more often than any other pair of words, related to “logo”. May be the results are influenced by some news titles and unrelated stuff, but still – look at the graphics and the figures. I’ve compared : logo design logo brand logo studio logo portfolio ( this even does not…
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