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Aaron Draplin Logo Design Process

It’s an entertaining learning video about how you can approach logo design. It’s about a fifteen minute cool logo. Trying to figure out the design brief, making sketches and finally some polished vectors. This dude will make you smile! Hats down for for making this video. The designers need more of these. After all – it’s not all about some screen tutorials, it’s about the approach that…
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Easy work with logos in AI CS4

The movie is showing the use of “artboards” – these are like different sheets that you can work on at the same time and also cover each other, so it’s like you are designing on one table ( like in real life ), without loosing sight of the other sheets.. Something familiar as a functionality has already been created in InDesign, but here – it’s more dynamic, intuitive and easy to use. Great for all…
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Photoshop logo web2.0 beginners tutorial

This is a pretty brief but useful video, especially if you are not familiar with basic photoshop techniques. It’s up to you to decide if this is a “web2.0” logo or it’s not. People call it this way, so here it goes just like this. * Personally, I think that this “reflection” thing is just an effort to make the shape a little bit better looking since the logo/typo itself sux. Same sh*t with the…
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