Tetrapak logo guidelines – PDF


What I like in this logo guideline of Tetrapak company is the manner things are presented. Take for example the free zone distance – it’s not presented by “x” or some lacking individuality symbol, but with the “T” from the word mark.

The contents consist of:

5 One logotype – three fixed combinations

8 Colours

10 Typography

12 Trademarks

14 Correspondence

Communication structure

21 Our message levels

22 Tone of voice

Printed matter and advertisements

24 Printed matter

25 Consistently Tetra Pak

25 The Tetra Pak brochure layout principle

28 Corporate information, layout examples

30 System information, layout examples

32 Product information, layout examples

34 Advertisements

34 Additional campaign material

Other applications

37 Presentation material

40 Signs on buildings

42 Supporting signs

44 Product and package signs

48 Exhibitions

50 Vehicles and transport

52 Clothing and gifts

so, please, download this fine 56 paged pdf graphic guideline [ 2.08 MB ]