Tips for making poker logos

Tips for making poker logos

The logo a company adopts is just as important as the name and the marketing strategy. You want the logo to show the business in the most positive and effective light. To give some examples of how a logo should be created, let’s use the example of a fictional web based poker company which is just starting up. What should be considered during the designing process?

Do your research

Research is the first and last thing you should do during the process, because you should always be keeping in the know. In the case of our imaginary poker business, you’ll want to research your target audience (poker players/ males etc), along with the kinds of logos the competition have produced in the past, and making sure your own logo is unique to say sites like party poker. You also want to find out which logo ideas would be appropriate and inappropriate for a poker business.

Make it distinctive

A strong logo is recognisable everywhere you go. The aspect which often makes or breaks the success of a company is the logo actually, so for our fictional poker company, we’ll need to make sure they use one which is unique from all the competition, but also tells the customer exactly what the company is about. It might use a clever way to incorporate the poker chips into the word ‘poker’ for example, or it will use a deck of cards to represent the game. Imagery speaks louder than words a lot of the time.

Keep an eye on details

A creative and good logo relies on the small details. Too simplistic, and it’s forgettable. Too detailed, and you lose the meaning. Think about the colouring you use. The green of the party poker logo is very distinctive, and often people will recognise the brand colours and know it is for that website. It’s the same with say the Cadbury purple. You should also think about the shaping of the logo. Will your poker logo represent the chips, the cards, the types of hand etc? Be creative with your options.