Logo as an interesting advertising game ?

Here I’ll share a way to intrigue your potential clients by just playing with your logo.  This game is a proof that a well designed logo could be a great marketing tool and an advertising inspiration for years…

Bobby told it very well:

“Uniqlo has a rad new interactive game which lets you play and experience the grid system that they use. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first (probably because I didn’t read the directions…) but after like 5 minutes you totally get it and it starts to become really fun. There really isn’t a point tot he game, it’s more like a social project where up to 50 people get to make the decisions of what the grid will look like. You can add or remove squares, rotate them, or combine them.
I was playing earlier, and usually I try to turn all of the squares the color I was assigned. But someone else decided to drag all of the squares off the grid, leaving it blank. This kind of made it fun because then I started working to actually keep something on the board. It’s a pretty fun way to kill 15 minutes or so. There are also a lot of really great sound effects that go along with the game. You could honestly just sit and watch if you wanted to.”

If you want to try it by yourself – go to : www.uniqlo.com/grid/