A lot of things could be said about my favorite logo designer : Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001). The most important thing of all is that he was a great talent. Unfortunately, as many other great artists, he didn’t become world famous because he was working “behind” the Iron Curtain.


vintge logo designs exhibition design week


In the first world exhibition of trade marks in New York Stefan Kanchev participated with 23 works out of the total number of 250 logos by authors from all over the world. He had solo exhibitions in Sofia, Moscow, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest and an anniversary exposition in Sofia in 1975. He won many and various competitions for typefaces, posters, trademarks, postcards, telegram forms, book designs and etc. His works are world-famous and cited in the major applied arts encyclopedias.


One of my university lecturers was a friend of his and a few years ago he revealed the beauty of his works to me . Naturally, I became a fan. Later, a few Bulgarian designers created the site StefanKanchev.com, where they unveiled  a lot of his works for the wide public. His biography was also presented in both Bulgarian and English.

In 2009, during the Sofia Design Week event an unique vintage logo designs exhibition was held. The young designer Magdalina Stancheva did a research on Stefan Kanchev’s work and exhibited hundreds of his logo design sketches. Logoblink / Margarit Ralev photographed and ordered them for you! Better later than never. Hope you’ll appreciate and share this wonderful resource.


bulgarian vintage logo designs

bulgarian vintage logo designs

bulgarian vintage logo designs

Don’t forget to check the StefanKanchev.eu project! Keep in mind that the website is in German.


Stefan_Kynchev_Logo_Designs.pdf / 29.8 MB / 173 pages

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