10 Not So Popular Rules That Will Boost Your Logo Design Process

Here are 10 Logoblink ruls that will boost your logo design process:

  1. Get yourself a decent deadline. At least one week.
  2. Postpone the logo design. Start doing it after a period of a few days – let the idea grow and visualize it mentally before put it on the paper.
  3. Forget about the pencil. Grab something different – a charcoal, a marker or just don’t draw on the paper – you can use sand or damp glass for example.. just some alternative.
  4. Work for less than half an hour. Or at least – sit down to draw with this mind adjustment. Don’t scary your fragile creative soul with the hours of hard work that may follow. Give yourself a non-engaging  start – like in a relationship. This will free your mind.
  5. Save a lot of progress logo versions in the same file – it’s always easy to rework a specific stage that has certain advantage. I’m doing this in one big messy EPS with ALT + DRAG all the time.
  6. Don’t ask other people if they like it or not – you are the creative person. You can make revisions later in order to make it more readable or something, but don’t let them kill your creative potential.
  7. Calculate 1 extra hour in the logo design process so you can put your proposal in a decent PDF presentation. It’s a cliche, but we forget it a lot – a good presentation is half of the work.
  8. Put some extra visualisations in the presentation, so you can give an idea to the client what the other brand materials will look like – he or she will probably order something extra or in the bad case – it will be just a good bonus. Look at it as an investment.
  9. Show the client the bad versions, too – if he likes something may be it deserves to be reworked. Ask him why he liked this particular logo. Combine the answer with your graphic taste.
  10. Don’t be a cheap graphic b*tch. Your talent is worth not less than the talent of the person that’s repairing your car, right? And I bet he charges more.