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10 Not So Popular Rules That Will Boost Your Logo Design Process

Here are 10 Logoblink ruls that will boost your logo design process: Get yourself a decent deadline. At least one week. Postpone the logo design. Start doing it after a period of a few days – let the idea grow and visualize it mentally before put it on the paper. Forget about the pencil. Grab something different – a charcoal, a marker or just don’t draw on the paper – you can use sand or damp…
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Logo design process by MMagic Design

This video is prepared by Scetch + Scan + work in Adobe Illustrator Here you can read more about the movie : “I filmed myself from start to finish, the process of designing a logo and time lapsed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure! :)  The Logo: The brief required me to design a logo for “Saniware” a company which specializes in sanitary wares and bathroom toilet fixtures…
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