35+ Logos From a Kitchen in Cape Town

I’ve just grabbed my camera and shot all the logos I could easily find in the kitchen. They are not listed in a specific order and most of them do not represent local brands, but still – they are all kitchen logos we can learn something from. May be ;)

01 dornier logo

1 – We have to admit – it’s an interesting mark. Also the label is clean and classy.

01 dornier logo top

And the second version of the logo on the top of the bottle is making things even more interesting!

02 all gold logo

2 – Nothing special, but good overal combination. Credits go to the package designer. Whoever he is.

03 express cool

3 – Cheap web logo for cheap fridge. By the way – the fridge is actually working well.

04 defy logo

4 – They’ll redesign this electronics logo soon or later. With a little touch it could become much better.

05 krush logo

5 – This is may be the cheapest logo of the collection. Or I should say logos. What saves this label is that the orange is fitting very good the curve of the K. The juice itself is not bad.

06 aquelle logo

6 – I like this logotype. The double Q stroke that accompanies the ll at the end. Clever solution.

6 darling logo

7 – First reaction – nothing special. Second reaction – very good logo. You’ll tell me why.

07 sasko logo

8 – I like the little anchor.

08 Huletts logo

9 I love this mark and the package.

08 Huletts logo 2

As you can see – the logo works well on another product

09 savanna dry logo

10 – I’ve drunk too much of these, so I’m prejudiced.. :) But it’s a nice logo / label, right ?

10 venraj logo

11 – Teel oil = sesame oil. I smell redesign.

11 morgenster logo

12 – I like the top logo version more.

12 tuna marine olives logo

13 – I’m still wondering about the mystery flipped F, used as a L. I’ll never notice this if it wasn’t this shot…

13 sophie teblanche logo

14 – More of an illustration, but it’s nice that they’ve took a specific part ( the eyelash ) and used it at the top as a logo.

14 appletiser logo

15 – Addictive drink. May be it has to do something with the logo… ?! The thing is that they have large variety of “tisers”. Like Grapetiser … and they are not changing the mark. They just change the color of it and the logotype, of course… It’s a pity I can’t show you more examples. May be in another post. Also the label is very cost effective and very attractive. May be it’s not very visible from here, but the fruit mark is some glossy cool pantone that just please the eye.

15 castle logo

#16 – A beer like a beer. Average logo

16 robertsons logo

17 – Yes, another “Starbucks” logo.

16 robertsons logo2

I’ve seen this for a first time – the same circle logo is actually widen here and it’s reworked as an ellipse. Nice adaptation. I wonder if this counts as a “dynamic logo”.. ?

17 cerebos logo

18 – As far as I’ve seen – it’s a brand with history, but this particular design is a copycat of some greek salt packaging designs I’ve seen 20 years ago. Seriously.

18 hojiblanca logo

#19 – Here comes my favorite logotype from this collection. I really want to congratulate the designer. I wish I’ve designed this logo. Hope it’s not another copycat. Further research should be done…

18 hojiblanca logo 2

Also looks great in negative. As every cool logo should.

19 flora logo

20. Cheap. My wife must bought it :P

20 wellingtons logo

21 – Nice label, but not a special logo.

21 nederburg logo

22 – Once again I love the overal label design.

22 hillcrest logo

23 – Same as 22 – the combination looks nice. Did you notice that the fruits and the other objects are non-symmetrical and are not the same, but the composition is great. Nice concept.

23 caledon logo

24 – There’s something weird in this logotype… or may be I just have a vision…

24 bonaqua logo

25 – Famous brand, famous logo… I think they were betting more on the sun mark in the past ( not very well photographed here above the label ) . They could simplify it and put it back in the game, not ignore it like this…

25 sunlight logo

26 – If you look carefully the curve of the logotype is some how broken. And this is a subconscious message to all the users of this product out there. Overal – good label.

26 flanagans logo

27 – I haven’t payed attention that the letters are moved up and down till I made the shot. It’s nice. Do you think that it would be nice to replace the ‘ at the end with the clover some how.. ?

27 giovannis logo

28 – Great deliworld, indeed. Nice logotype although I’ve seen the same G in the Grapetiser logo so may be it’s just some font they’ve used…

28 bokomo logo

29 – It was in the kitchen and I shot it. There’s something in the Nature’S SOURCE, but may be it could be touched a little more…

29 taits logo

# 30 – Nice logotype – average chips. I was misled in this case by the good package design of the colleagues.

30 marcels logo

# 31 – Nothing special, but it works.

31 woolworths coffee

32 – Woolworths is actually a big chain in RSA. Good design for good products. I’ll try to cover their brand lately in Logoblink. They deserve this.

32 kikkoman logo

33 –  World famous. Especially the bottle shape. I see a new logotype in their website and I’m not sure I like the change. Different logotype and the mark smaller, so they can get rid of the hieroglyph at some point. Or may be it’s just me, speculating again…

33 cleaners logo

34 – AA is not so beautiful, but distinctive mark. The package design helps about it. I don’t like Zeb. They could have done more with these 3 letters. May it’s a client’s fault, who knows.

34 marlboro logo

35 – The roommate is smoking and the cigarettes were over the kitchen bar. The only thing that I don’t like is the GOLD notice. I prefer it with the size of the “Original”. I don’t know if it’s part of the logo.. or just the label.

35 arco logo

36 – Painfully boring logo, nice package, very delicious olives! And the can is a very good value – R150.