Arabic logo set + useful sources

Arabic logo set designs
Arabic logo designs

I’ve realized that I don’t pay enough attention to the Arabic logos. That’s the reason for writing this post. Here I’ve picked 16 nice samples. Hope you will like them.

  1. Yin Yang logo by prof. John Langdon
  2. Equestrian city logo (arabic zoomorphic calligraphy)
  3. Quarterly Periodical of the Iranian Academy of the Arts logo
  4. Kuwait Fund for Arab & Economic Development – KFAED
  5. Alwan for the Arts logo
  6. Arab thought forum
  7. The official EMIRATES logo
  8. Rasmala logo
  9. Al Arabiya News Network
  10. Arab fund for arts and culture
  11. Cheikh Faye logo
  12. Al-Akhbar is a daily Arabic newspaper published in Beirut
  13. Muslim Answers (website)
  14. Al-Ghad Newspaper is Jordan’s (
  15. A Cicak logo
  16. Explorers logo

If you want to learn more about the types, the techniques and the authors of the logos, check the references and the sources.

references : – Khatt Network for Arabic Typography – a gallery of arabic logos – Al Arabia logotype

resouces :… /kufi-workshop-for-non-arab-participants-in-amsterdam/ – Arabic Calligraphy Instruction – Muslim Calligraphers in America – Interview about modern arabic typography – The Iqra logo case – writing and pronouncing of arabic names… /lesson5math.html – understanding the arabic and islamic patterns

Some more Arabic logos and calligraphy. These are used as a base for a lot of logotypes, and I believe they can be compared with the word mark importance.

Arabic calligraphy logo set
Arabic logo and calligraphy designs