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Make yours logotypes with light

.. or how to make your calligraphy with light: This could be applied for all sorts of logotypes. If you have similar experiments – please – put some links in the comments. Check the full calligraphy  portfolio of  Julien Breton – Kaalam
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Anatomy Calligraphic Logos

Khaleelullah Chemnad sent me a link to his “anatomy calligraphy” logos. Here’s what he says about this type of art: “Anatomic calligraphy is a style in which the portrait of a person is drawn using the person’s name in Arabic or the words describing any other specialties of the person. Best examples of this style are the portrait of the founding president of the UAE late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al…
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Arabic logo set + useful sources

I’ve realized that I don’t pay enough attention to the Arabic logos. That’s the reason for writing this post. Here I’ve picked 16 nice samples. Hope you will like them. Yin Yang logo by prof. John Langdon Equestrian city logo (arabic zoomorphic calligraphy) Quarterly Periodical of the Iranian Academy of the Arts logo Kuwait Fund for Arab & Economic Development – KFAED Alwan for the Arts logo Arab…
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