Few notes : the brand guideline is in Russian. Although – I’m sure you’ll understand every brand design rule even if you don’t speak the language. Some of the materials inside ( like the form design diagram ) are in German, so most probably it’s a Russian adaptation / translation. The other thing is that I don’t know the year this guideline is designed. May be it’s from around 2000. Just may be :)

Here are screens from it :

There are these 3 cool audi sketches in the pdf. Something you can’t see everyday in a guideline.

I think I remember some more similar sketches in the genuine Audi Magazine that you can read in their showrooms. I like this approach a lot.

It’s a low quality picture but may be that’s because of the period it was designed in.

Like a plan of a machine, right ? If I may paraphrase : Design durch technik ;)

DOWNLOAD THE PDF / 5 MB, 63 pages in Russian

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