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Audi Brand Guideline ( in Russian )

Few notes : the brand guideline is in Russian. Although – I’m sure you’ll understand every brand design rule even if you don’t speak the language. Some of the materials inside ( like the form design diagram ) are in German, so most probably it’s a Russian adaptation / translation. The other thing is that I don’t know the year this guideline is designed. May be it’s from around 2000. Just may be…
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Animal Planet brand guideline [pdf]

There are different opinions about the new “Animal Planet” TV channel logo. I find it nice and unique. This brand guideline is from 2008 – short, easy to digest and with a few more tricks that will help you make your own logo production better. Click the picture to download. 24 pages / 3.39 MB
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Skoda brandbook

Here you can download a superb Skoda logoguideline. Why it is superb ? Because it’s very proffesionally done . Clear and easy to understand. Covers a lot of points and its 73 pages are compressed under 2 MB ! Hope you’ll like it :)  shkoda-brand-guideline [ PDF ] 1.79 MB btw – write in the comments what logoguidelines you will be interested in and I’ll try to find them for you :)
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