Doyald Young, Logotype Designer

: Doyald Young’s story is so inspiring that you may want to play the movie below again and again. It is 39 minutes long, but it’s totally worth. Video at the end of the post.

Here are some screens and words from it:

doyald young lotoypes 07

One of my heroes says : I do not want to draw a beautiful letter, I want to draw a good letter.

doyald young lotoypes 06

Why make another logotype, when there are thousands of fonts out there ? 

Because it’s custom. I’m designing something tailor to your taste, tailor to your situation.

doyald young lotoypes 05

doyald young lotoypes 04

doyald young lotoypes 03

doyald young lotoypes 02

We all want something unique.

We all want something that we can call our own. This has been done for us.

doyald young lotoypes 01

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RIP Doyald Young. He died in February 28, 2011. Read more about him in Wikipedia.